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7 Benefits of learning a New language

  1. Increase your brain power. It’s not surprising that Sherlock Holmes was multi-lingual. Learning a language is a great way to keep your brain healthy and sharp.
  2. Language is the gateway and introduction into a new culture.
  3. Be a better communicator in any language. Learning a language may force you to improve your listening skills and while making you look at your own language in a different …
  4. Make travel easier and more enjoyable. If you are or aspire to be a globetrotter, learning languages is a must!
  5. Preserve lesser known languages. Language is one of the most important instruments of preserving heritage. …
  6. Become more open-minded and bridge cultural gaps. A huge reason for cultural stereotypes, and prejudice is a lack of understanding between people of different cultures.
  7. Become a better global citizen. If you haven’t realized already, all the benefits that come with learning another language will make you an awesome global citizen.